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PHOTO 101 by Jess!

This is a photo 101 class taught by me, Jessica Haderlie.

This is a class for people that want to document their lives better, who own a camera with manual settings and want to get the most out of it.

We will cover:

-how shoot manually and why it's not as scary as it seems

- exposure and lighting-how to find great light and use it well

-ISO, shutter speed, f-stop, aperture and white balance (get all those buttons and dials figured out)

-creativity and capturing emotion in your photographs

-workflow and editing

-how to organize and share your photos

-what to do with your photos-storage and printing

We will have a live shoot on the second day with a model family to help you apply the concepts you have learned. Watching someone shoot is such a helpful way to see how others find light and understand camera settings.


November 3rd 6-9 pm and November 12th 10am-1pm

This class is split into 2 separate sections so that we can apply and build upon the concepts we discuss. I will give you some simple "homework" so you can work on what you've learned and then we will review and critique them and answer any questions you have.

Where : The class will be held at my home in American Fork. I am holding the class in my home so we can have a more intimate teaching setting, I am so excited to invite you all into our home. Also a home is a more real setting to show you how to take pictures with every day situations and light as opposed to a studio. You'll be sent the address after you have signed up.

You will need a camera with manual settings for this class. If you do not have one please email and I am glad to help you find a camera that you'll be happy with. Email me at hello@jessicahaderlie.com for any questions at all!